An amazing new book about love, revenge, and loyalty


In the land of Bolfodier, two generations of the royal family of Braria have to deal with the pressures of being rulers. Their lives are entangled in love, revenge and loyalties to their god and goddesses who demand recognition for their creation of Bolfodier.


Each member of the royal family has through go through their own test of bravery, resilience despite heart break and maintaining loyalty despite strong opposition. Secrets are revealed and some of the royals are exposed to their subjects. And what happens next all depends on you.

This is the plot of a book that is still in the processes of completion. Nick Sutcliffe has been working on this book since he was 16 years old and is looking to have it published. It started off as a compilation of poems and has emerged into a trilogy of an exciting book set in a fictional land far beyond ours with twists and suspense that will captivate the reader.

Maybe this could be the new Game of thrones that will take the literary and movie world by storm. It is already promising to be a very good read that should be shared with more people that enjoy fictional tales.

The problem though is that Nick is a student and he is unemployed so this book cannot be published. Nick needs support in order to publish Kanta Chronicles so that more people can share in this exciting trilogy. The book needs total pledges of 10,000 dollars in order to be published.

The Author has already received some support on Kickstarter towards the publication of the book but still needs more to get it done. Your contributions will not go unnoticed or appreciated, there are various gifts that will be shared with all those who contribute right from personal thank you notes from the author to a copy of the book, signed and autographed.

You can support this project and join the them at:

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