Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Hospitality: Arabian Nights

Going on a holiday to see the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix can make for a memorable vacation and one of the best ways in which to make this idea a reality is with the help of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix hospitality.

The race will obviously be the main focus of the holiday but keep in mind that you’ll be in Abu Dhabi one of the most interesting places in the United Arab Emirates. Fuelled by oil money the city has grown into a cosmopolitan metropolis which blends together the country’s political, industrial as well as major cultural and commercial areas.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Hospitality

As for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, it has been added to the Formula one season schedule starting with 2009 and is expected to remain there till at least 2016.

The circuit itself is located on Yas Island – which is located on the east coast of Abu Dhabi – and was officially inaugurated as a Formula One Grand Prix in 2008.

The great thing about this particular Grand Prix is that it can be watched from a plethora of very high-end and rather different venues.

This is where our Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Hospitality comes into play, having been specially designed to offer some of the best places to watch the race from as well as some of the most diverse. You can watch it from the world-famous Yas Viceroy Hotel located right in the heart of the Yas Marina Circuit, from the F1 Paddock Club or from the very interesting Yas Marina, where you’ll be best situated to watch the race.

Just getting you a great spot to watch the race from is only the beginning of the VIP treatment that Abu Dhabi Grand Prix hospitality offers you, it all starts with a private jet flying you to the UAE from any major airport in the world, and then you’ll be lounging about in some very sumptuous rooms and suites in some of the greatest hotels in Abu Dhabi. That’s not all though, there are also a bunch of Grand Prix after parties that you can attend as well as well as VIP tables at the Amber Lounge Abu Dhabi.

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