A Hotel in Dominica to meet your requirement

Staying in a hotel with accommodation perched in the trees of the forest will have the chance to enjoy a beautiful view. The forest will be revealed closer and this is the Caribbean Sea that will stretch your arms. These houses are all built with local wood and everything is done to best protect the environment.

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No toxic or pollutant system is in place so you can make the most of your stay while ensuring preservation of the area. The fauna and flora are at your side in harmony with this eco system. Although wooden huts, visitors enjoy all the amenities necessary for a luxurious stay.

This type of hotel in Dominica was created to strike a balance between economic development and preservation of the territory. Making the choice to stay in such a facility does not mean that the rates are higher. The value of the proposed housing report is among the most interesting of the whole island.

Hotels respecting a charter of ecotourism have been built in compliance with the local fauna and flora. Choose to stay in such a facility is the insurance benefit of comfort while being closer to the country’s wealth. Rainforest and waterfalls will be your daily while enjoying a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea. Many excursions are possible destinations for hot springs or even deeper to discover this protected for hundreds of years forest.

Kayaking and mountain biking are among the friendly activities the most popular on the island environment. Your hotel in Dominica can guide you to the best spots on the island. Indian population of the island is sure to make you share his culture and vast knowledge of the history of Dominica. Canoe building and traditional houses using only materials provided by the forest is truly a thing to behold.

The art of living and the knowledge of Dominicans is unusual and is perpetuated from generation to generation. Ecotourism contributes to the protection of traditional villages still inhabited by the people of Indian origin. No longer hesitate and book your stay today at a hotel in Dominica engaging in ecotourism!

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