A Fashionable Tourist in Sydney, Australia

As a metropolis in one of the most exotic countries in the world, Sydney has a lot to offer to any type of traveler, blending old with new, eastern with western, culture with style. The renown Bondi beach, a hotspot to Sydney-siders and foreigners alike, and the ultimate location to spend the summer, pardon, Australian winter, has inspired the greatest designers of summer apparel, such as O’Neal, who have in turn spread its sandy vibes world-wide. Though Australia is best known for its vibrant and often quite dangerous wildlife, it is also a world of class and diversity. Let’s look at some of the most stylish places in the Land Down Under’s big player!

 2553570276_1106779499_zThe Rocks: The youthful spirit of Sydney’s Rocks is by now legendary. Every larger city has its own artsy village, some district bustling with creative life. The Rocks have historic value as the oldest European settlement in Australia, and to this day, there stands Cadmans Cottage, one of the original settler’s buildings, perfectly preserved, and also nearby, one can find the Sydney Observatory, a mighty construction still fully operational. Late night shows are also available to those with a passion for astronomy. The Rocks are bestrewn with hobby and craft shops, with tourist traps of all sorts, and all of this only seems to add to their charm. It is a wise choice to end your stay at the Rocks by having a bitter at one of the two oldest pubs on the continent, both within walking distance: Lord Nelson and the Fortune of War.

The local wining and dining scene is what makes a city posh, and it is not always the most obvious dining-out choices that will lead you to these holiest of the posh restaurants, bars, cafés, and uncertain fusions of the before mentioned. There are different ways of deciding on what is posh, mostly depending on the individual’s age and cultural background, but you can never go wrong with Asian cuisine. Mr. Wong’s takes the crown in Sydney. This Cantonese-inspired, two-tiered establishment is located in Bridge Street, and dim sum to duck, they really can’t go wrong. There is no shortage of hipster spots either – innovative kitchens, or just well prepared and presented local produce, there really is something for everyone. Incredible taste fusions of beetroot macaroons and crab with almond gazpacho are no folly, and presented in the wonderful community of Surry Hills. Do not miss the egg custard served within an eggshell – it’s the house treat. Monopole, in Potts Point, is sure to attract the wine fans. A cult wine list comprises of 500 rare and boutique vintages, to go with the delicious menu of house-cured meats. This is the kind of place Sydney-siders like to invite their visiting guests to. And if you are in for the view as much as the taste of the food, then you can find the Catalina, perched atop Rose Bay – a splendid “serious” restaurant with fresh seafood and a clear view across the harbour. As The Financial Times called it, Catalina is “one of Sydney’s most lyrical dining experiences”

Sydney has its fair share of fancy hotels, but it is the lesser known accommodation that gets the best reviews nowadays. Staying at a boutique hotel in Sydney gets travelers much further into its scene than regular hotels, as the former encourage an air of everyday living with style. It also helps that the design of this new hotel industry is also a whole lot friendlier than that in a bland reception hall.

Image source: https://flic.kr/p/4TDHtJ

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