A beginner’s guide to using Instagram and deriving the maximum benefits out of it

Today the world is moving very fast.  So, to meet the requirement, the job of programmers has become very challenging.  They are continuously in the process of creating new applications to help the common public.  Instagram is one such supplication which helps in sending messages or photos instantly to the group members.  To get a message, you need first to register yourselves in the group.  Once you are registered in the group, you become a member of the social media network group.

Instagram itself is a social media network.  The facilities in sending messages or photos attract the followers for Instagram. Normally messages can be sent by any applications which support the feature.  But on Instagram, the images can be edited, and if you are creative, you can do wonders.

Normally posting of messages in a social media network is very easy.  But if you’re a beginner, the following points will help you in creating a message of your own on Instagram:

  • Your system should have internet operating system to communicate with others. If you don’t have this facility, then get your system updated with the facility of internet.
  • Take a photo of your choice and save in the photo gallery of your android phone.
  • Now upload it into the system. To upload the photo from your smart or android phone library, you need to click the gallery option in your phones and then when the screen opens, click on the images you wish to share with others.
  • Once done, Instagram has a facility for editing the photos. You can also add necessary captions along with picture before posting. The same procedure applies when you want to post a video.  Normally Instagram can be used at its best on Android phones as they have inbuilt cameras.   In Desktop computers or laptop, posting of photos is possible only if you have a camera to the system and these should work on the internet platform. But when you compare the clarity of photos, the pictures sent through android phones, it is clearer than that on a desktop or laptop.  However, clarity of any photos depends on the quality of the camera.

Usage of hashtag helps you keep your post in the index of the social media network.  It can be searched by others when the word or phrase with the hashtag is clicked.  So this facility again improves the posting and makes it more meaningful and effective.  To tag a photo or video with a hashtag, all you need to do is add “#” symbol before the word or phrase you wish to share after uploading the photos or video.  Adding of hashtag should be done before posting it.

  • The next step is selecting the people to whom the photos/videos to be sent. By default, in social media network, all the members can view your postings, but if you are particular regarding who should view your posts, then you need to select the people from your contact list. The message will be delivered only to them.

Hopefully, this post will help you as a beginner. To know more about this social platform, you can check out the blogs written for advanced level users.

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